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Mon 10 Aug, 2020 General

Hurricane Irma Reminder

HURRICANE IRMA REMINDER We want to remind our community, clients and partners that the deadline for Hurricane Irma property damage insurance claims is fast approaching. We have less than a month to fight insurance companies...
Mon 3 Aug, 2020 General

Isaias Water Damage?

We hope our Florida neighbors had a safe weekend. Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. are here to support Policyholders on any water damage issues. Did you experience any storm related issues with Isaias? Easily call us, your...
Fri 31 Jul, 2020 General

Proof of Loss

The Intensifying 60-Day Proof of Loss Requirement by Insurance Companies. Recently, ,Olympus Insurance Company was added to the growing list of property insurers that require their policyholders to provide a signed, Sworn...
Wed 29 Jul, 2020 General

Hurricane Prep #1 Tip

It seems that everyone these days is a photographer. At the very least, taking photos has never been easier with access to cell phones. Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. have an easy reminder for all property owners. NOW IS...
Mon 20 Jul, 2020 General

Clean Gutters

With more time at home, it’s the best time to check your gutters. Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. want you to know that clean rain gutters not only protect your home’s landscaping & siding, they help prevent...