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Mon 6 Jan, 2020 General

New Year’s Home Safety Check

Every January, we make resolutions for a variety of reasons.

What resolutions do you have for your home?

The Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. want to share with our neighbors these helpful reminders for your 2020 New Year’s Home Safety Check.


1. Check & Clean Gutters

2. Check wiring & lightening. Replace bulbs and install more lights as needed for a well lit home. Deter thieves.

3. Clear walkways and repair cracks. Create safe walkways for your family and visitors.

4. Check pool drainage & levels.

5. Check & wash patio furniture. Treat & protect from mold.

6. Check & clean washer dryer. Remove lint from vents.

7. Replace A/C filter.

8. Check or install a carbon monoxide detector.

9. Update batteries in fire alarm.

10. Check & clean furnace & chimney flues.

Set your home up for success!

If you find yourself with damage, connect with our office to review your insurance property damage claim at NO COST to you.

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